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    Model #: CSA-PPSA10kVA-Kit
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    Power+ SA is a 10kVA standalone online UPS system with double conversion topology. With a uniquely lightweight, compact design and high efficiency ratings, this UPS system ensures reliable backup power under any condition.


    • Internal electronic static mechanism for supplying users directly from the electrical grid in the event of a malfunction. This feature enables the UPS to maintain a continuous supply of electricity to users in all scenarios.
    • Battery wiring system does not require an input or output transformer.
    • External battery cabinet.
    • The unit is controlled using SNMP (optional) or RS232.
    • Dry contacts for operation with PLC.
    • 96% electrical efficiency.
    • Available in the following configurations:
    • Three phase input and single phase output
    • Three phase input and output
    • Single phase input and output (Capacity: 7.5kVA)

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